Form8® Performance Tools Online Coaching

Optimize Project/Team Collaboration
Improve Team Communication
Track Leadership Development & Performance
Leadership Surveys and Audits

Our service combines:

  • Tried and tested tools to optimize performance
  • Coaching to help you implement the tools effectively

In a 3-hour personal coaching session, you will receive 4 performance enhancement tools and develop an implementation plan.

Improving Team Communication

The tools are especially effective in virtual environments:

  • Efficient team meetings tool
  • Establishing a communication code of conduct
  • Preparing conflict de-escalation meetings
  • Tracking team communication efficiency

Optimizing Project/Team Collaboration

The tools are especially effective for virtual collaboration:

  • A workflow to optimize project set up/collaboration
  • Clarification of common expectations
  • Maintaining a clear overview of project dynamics
  • Project progress tracker

Leadership Development Trackers

Optimize leadership through progress assessment combined with insights & awareness.
Our trackers enable leaders to monitor 4-dimensions of their performance in monthly or quarterly steps. Ideal for:

  • Annual goal progress, achievement and review
  • Individual leadership development tracking

Leadership Surveys and Audits

Leadership Team Evaluation Surveys
Our easy to interpret results format enables you to focus optimization and support efficiently.

Individual Leadership Audits
Assess the potential of your leaders and be able to define specific development measures.

Customized to your specific requirements and including elements such as:

  • Strength profile & potential analysis
  • Leadership assessments based on business relevant case studies
  • Feedback reviews
  • Critical incident scenarios

Customized Performance Tool Development

Would you like to measure leadership development or performance in a unique business scenario? Our service offers the development of customized performance tools to track and optimize on-going leadership performance e.g.

  • to support the development of leaders in new roles
  • to enable leaders to develop the optimal team culture