on equal terms

Achieving insight

to the right scenario

Applying the right approach

to take you where you want to go

Providing the guidance

Executive Coaching – Achieving Clarity

Whether you are facing a new challenge or approaching a specific business opportunity, Peter Biczo is a competent, open, executive coach with the skills and experience to be your ideal sounding board.

His ability to grasp scenarios and relationships quickly, together with having the necessary respect and trust, means he can establish a coaching environment conducive to helping you develop the best solutions possible.

More than 4,000 hours of executive coaching at renowned clients ensure the right strategy for your unique coaching scenario.

Our team is not restricted to a single coaching approach. We blend influences from different schools of psychological thought – cognitive, Gestalt, systemic – depending on the specific needs of each individual client.

In line with our international mix, we are able to provide coaching services in English, German and Spanish.

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