The Key to me

Improve teamwork

Reduce interference

Be more productive

PiA: Psychology in Action

Combine teambuilding with personal development

PiA is ideal:

  • for new teams
  • for teams following reorganisation
  • as a “pitstop” for existing teams

PiA helps you to understand yourself and your interaction with colleagues, supervisors and clients better. Crack the code of your individuality with our Individuality Profile, recognize your potential, define & achieve your goals.

Your benefits:

Motivated & content staff members that

  • are more productive
  • are more successful in & as part of a team
  • can avoid conflicts better
  • can achieve better results

Online or In-house:

Worthwhile for all teams in all business sectors

  • 3 Workshops (3 hours each)
  • Tried & tested, easy to use tools
  • Methods to improve work efficiency
  • Personal well-being tracker

PiA is also available in German.

Looking to enhance the performance of your on-going project team?
We can also develop a tailored PiA pitstop for you.

Feedback of participants

Pia has led to a positive change (atmosphere/cooperation) and to improved work results.

The training helped me assess my own behaviour better and also that of my colleagues and supervisors. We understand and accept each other which improves how we work together.

The result is a sustainable improvement in team skills and thus in work efficiency.

The acceptance of the programme was consistently positive. Noticeable and measurable positive results were achieved from the off.