Know what's going on

Give employees a voice

Identify improvement potential

Create a results cockpit

Tailored Staff Surveys

Evaluate your business environment and the interaction between leaders and staff in order to identify areas for support and improvement. Our easy to interpret results format enables you to focus optimization and support efficiently.

Your benefits:

  • Valuable insights into leadership, cooperation & organisational culture
  • Feedback regarding staff motivation & satisfaction
  • Identification of improvement potential
  • Increase motivation, staff loyalty & productivity


  • Designed for your specific business environment & requirements
  • Quick-Check and/or in-depth surveys
  • Easy to interpret results & benchmarks (Excel-based)
  • Feedback reviews

In a further step, we can help you define and implement the improvement solutions your survey findings have identified.

Our tailored employee surveys are also available in German.

Feedback of participants

We regularly administer employee surveys to monitor employee satisfaction and to create a working environment that makes us more attractive to job applicants.