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Form8® Performance Tools

Form8® Performance Tools are ideal for you if you are a leader looking to:

  • improve your team´s communication
  • optimize your project team´s collaboration
  • track your leadership performance & development

Our service combines:

  • Tried and tested tools to optimize performance
  • Coaching to help you implement the tools effectively

In a 3-hour personal coaching session, you will receive performance enhancement tools and develop a specific implementation plan conducive with your business environment.

Toolkit 1 – Improving Team Communication

  • Efficient team meetings tool
  • Establishing a communication code of conduct
  • Preparing conflict de-escalation meetings
  • Tracking team communication efficiency

Toolkit 2 – Optimizing Project/Team Collaboration

  • A workflow to optimize project set up/collaboration
  • Clarification of common expectations
  • Maintaining a clear overview of project dynamics
  • Project progress tracker

Toolkit 3 – Leadership Development Tracker

  • Optimize on-going leadership performance by evaluating progress with insights & awareness
  • Monitor and review dimensions of performance
  • Individual leadership development tracking

Our Form8® performance tools are also available in German.

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