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Form8® Performance Tools

Form8® Performance Tools are ideal for you if you are a leader looking to:

  • improve your team´s communication
  • optimize your project team´s collaboration
  • track your leadership performance & development

Our service combines:

  • Tried and tested tools to optimize performance
  • Coaching to help you implement the tools effectively

In a 3-hour personal coaching session, you will receive performance enhancement tools and develop a specific implementation plan conducive with your business environment.

Toolkit 1 – Improving Team Communication

  • Efficient team meetings tool
  • Establishing a communication code of conduct
  • Preparing conflict de-escalation meetings
  • Tracking team communication efficiency

Toolkit 2 – Optimizing Project/Team Collaboration

  • A workflow to optimize project set up/collaboration
  • Clarification of common expectations
  • Maintaining a clear overview of project dynamics
  • Project progress tracker

Toolkit 3 – Leadership Development Tracker

  • Optimize on-going leadership performance by evaluating progress with insights & awareness
  • Monitor and review dimensions of performance
  • Individual leadership development tracking

Our Form8® performance tools are also available in German.

Feedback of participants

Form8 aims at sustainability within the company and enables employees to handle and implement projects and changes independently and competently.

About Team Biczo: Their work has been a key element in establishing leadership coherence and a business culture conducive to successful business.

We have been working with Mr. Biczo and his team for many years and have successfully completed a large number of joint projects during this time.

Form8® provided the groundwork for our leaders to generate sustainable value.