Change Project – Leadership Support

Lean Leadership / Performance Excellence

Global Food and Beverage Producer


  • Secure the implementation of lean management at 4 production sites in 3 countries
  • Leadership development in alignment with lean management

Form8® Implementation

Strategic Phase

  • Diagnostic think tank with the board and key management
  • Development of a customised leadership development concept

Operative Phase

  • “Lean Leadership” development programme in the clients´ corporate design (white label)
  • Development of a customised leadership performance toolkit

Sustainability Phase

  • Sustainability concept including workshops to support business objectives “pit stops”
  • Sustainability through the qualification and mentoring of employees: Form8® Efficiency Agents


  • Leadership paradigm shift
  • Acceptance and understanding of lean principles
  • Development of the required leadership skill set
  • Leadership cognitive security
  • Rapid implementation of lean with lower resistance

Key Figures

  • Number of leaders in the project: approx. 150
  • Initial implementation period: 3 Months
  • Total project duration: approx. 4-5 years
  • Qualification of 11 employees as Form8® Efficiency Agents enabling autonomous training for approx. 350 leaders

Project language: English and German