Driving Digitalisation

Leading with Foresight

Media Group (Customer Services Division)


  • Utilize the potential of digitalization
  • Enhance performance of the leadership team
  • Align with other business areas
  • Increase digital circulation figures

Form8® Implementation

Strategic Phase

  • Diagnostic think tank with divisional heads and selected managers
  • Development of a customised leadership development concept

Operative Phase

  • Implementation of modular know-how workshops
  • Development of a customised leadership performance toolkit

Sustainability Phase

  • Executive coaching for individual leaders
  • Sustainability through the qualification and mentoring of employees: Form8® Efficiency Agents


Leaders and Employees Perspective

  • Development of the required leadership skill set
  • Established a common understanding of digitalisation and the desired leadership role
  • Development of a coaching approach to leadership

Organisational Perspective

  • Autonomous implementation of digitalisation initiatives by leaders
  • Enhanced the agility of the service organisation
  • Introduction of cost saving measures
  • Successful and autonomous logistics and IT project implementation

Overall Results

  • Leadership paradigm shift from reactive to proactive digitalisation leadership
  • Creative and innovative development of new business models

Key Figures

  • Number of leaders in the project: approx. 20
  • Total project duration: 4 Months

Project language: German