Individual and Tailored Leadership Audits

Potential & Strengths Analysis Options

Status Evaluation


Individual Leadership Audits

Assess the potential of your leaders and be able to define specific development measures.

Our tailored leadership audits are ideal if you are looking:

  • for your leaders to become the best version of themselves
  • to define a reference point for the development of your leaders
  • to help leaders carry out their leadership role as effectively as possible

Conducting a leadership audit synchronizes the capabilities of your leaders and the requirements for their specific leadership roles. Our easy to interpret results format enables you to focus optimization and support efficiently.

Your benefits:

  • Establish the competence status quo of your leaders
  • Enable your leaders to maximise potential
  • Define development goals for your leaders
  • Clear leadership development tracks

Tailored leadership audit elements:

  • Role-based strength profile & potential analysis
  • Critical incident scenarios & case studies
  • Integrated feedback reviews
  • Tailored competence profiles

Our leadership audits are also available in German.

Feedback of participants

In today’s global marketplace, teams have to be able to differentiate themselves to succeed.