Intercultural Collaboration

Project-Based Leadership Development

Listed Energy Group with Facilities in Germany and England


  • Establish a basis for intercultural collaboration
  • Ensure leadership continuity and build talent

Form8® Implementation

Strategic Phase

  • Facilitation of suitable project goals with client management
      – Support the recruitment of British engineers
      – Develop tools to enhance intercultural collaboration

Operative Phase

  • Accompany on-site project work
  • Subject-specific lectures at a British university
  • Preparatory language training in Germany, intensive training in England

Sustainability Phase

  • E-Learning programme for intercultural skills


  • Positive influence on intercultural collaboration
  • Transfer of project results into the client’s organisation:
      – Recruitment guidelines and concept
      – Intercultural databook tools
  • 92% retention rate after 5 years

Key Figures

  • Number of leaders in the project: approx. 50
  • Number of leaders involved in elements of the project: approx. 120
  • Initial implementation period: 8 Weeks
  • Total project duration: 5 years

Project language: English