Medium-term project:
International High-Potential Leadership Development


  • Cost-effective development of young leaders
  • Retention of young high-potential leaders
  • Project-based ROI concept


  • Recruitment pool of high-potential leaders
  • Improved group-wide collaboration
  • Positive influence on organisational culture
  • ROI transfer of project results into the client organisation:
    – Organisational work-life balance initiatives
    – Travel cost efficiency processes
    – Development of new innovative products
    – New client acquisition concepts


Development of a customised leadership development programme with operative project work:

  • 4 leadership development modules
  • 1 project-based pit stop
  • 1 transfer module
  • Continual improvement of the development process
  • Qualification of employees as Form8® Business Drivers

Key figures

  • Number of leaders per group: ca. 15
  • Duration of one development cycle: approx. 9 months – 1 year

Project language: English

This project has been conducted in a number of different business sectors including:
Energy Utility, Media Group, Automotive Supplier