Short-term project:
Project Team Set Up


  • Set up of a Research & Innovation team working across three geographical sites
  • Alignment of the roles and responsibilities in order to facilitate good collaboration
  • Clarify roles & processes to reduce potential conflict


  • Reduced project set up time
  • Improved project-wide collaboration
  • Positive influence on project culture
  • Alignment of individual and team performance goals
  • Implementation of a tailored project set up tool
  • Sustainable performance via a KPI-based project performance tracking tool


  • A diagnostic think tank with the project-owner and project leaders
  • A 1 day collaboration workshop (2 teams on-site, 1 team online)
  • After 2 months, a project pitstop to review good performance and areas to work on

Key figures

  • Number of leaders per group: ca. 14
  • Duration: 1 day (plus a 0.5 day review)

Project language: German & English

This project has been conducted in a number of different business sectors including:
Food & Beverage, Media Group, National Carrier Airline